As a personal concierge we offer a variety of services.  Here are our most sought after.


Peace of mind house check ins.

Everyone travels from time to time and we make sure you can travel knowing your home is watched over.  From retrieveing mail, after storm check ins and generally making sure your home is safe and sound.


Working with Contractors.

Not everyone has the time to wait on a contractor so whether it’s your own or you need us to recommend someone we’ve got you covered.  We do require all contractors to give us a 30 minute window to make sure we can get to your home in adequate time.



Now that we’re in the midst of winter please reach out for help with shoveling.   We work with with a trusted man to come tackle the snow. 


I love gardening and enjoy watering and am recommended  by garden designers in the area.  

Please feel free to reach out for these or any other services you may need help with.

Christi and Andy Cline