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started out helping our friends with their dogs when we first moved here and our son was in elementary school.  I didn’t have much to do and it got me out meeting people. Along the way I became the person that everyone trusted to ask me to get something they had forgotten  or they were running late and could I go let the contractor in. I eventually went into a not so lucrative career in real estate where I spent my days going in and out of houses and meeting contractors.  Meanwhile I was still helping out friends and neighbors and they kept saying “you’re so helpful, you should start a business and get paid.” Since the real estate career wasn't going so hot I decided to go for it and hence Urban Sherpa was created.  Meanwhile my husband was in the restaurant business and he would help me occasionally as a change of pace. When the recession hit and he was working less and helping me more and more he decided to take the leap to work with me full time. Luckily we had met working together so this wasn’t too challenging.  The rest as they say is history. We’ve been incredibly lucky to work with so many wonderful people (and pets) in a community that we love and are involved with. We look forward to many more years of helping our neighbors.


Christi and Andy Cline

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